PHYS 1301 Grading Policy - Fall 1999

I am principally interested in knowing whether or not you understand what you are trying to measure and whether or not you understand the source and relevance of the errors that affect your measurements. Correspondingly, your laboratory report needs to demonstrate these features if you wish to earn the highest possible score. Succintly, you need to be coherent, complete and concise when you write. This implies that the quality of your English grammar affects your grade. It is not necessary that your results be accurate for you to receive a high mark.

The laboratory writeup generally consists of an abstract, data tables, responses to questions, error analysis, and a conclusion. Each part has roughly the same importance for your mark.

WARNING: There are no make-up labs. "If you snooze, you lose."

Your laboratory reports will be graded weekly. Your laboraory grade will be determined after dropping your lowest weekly report grade for the entire semester. Effort is rewarded and will be considered when final laboratory grades are determined.