Overview and Learning Outcomes - Fall 2015

Physics 1307 is intended for those students interested in learning some basic physics about the motion of corporeal bodies (that move slowly compared to the speed of light) when acted on by various forces (including gravity), the behavior of fluids and why things float, the elements of wave motion, heat, energy and power. The course is apt for students who may be interested in eventually pursuing a medical career or for non-science students curious about the physical universe but who do not seek full detail. It is not focussed on the student who plans to pursue a physics major. Calculus is sometimes employed to reduce computational tedium.

At the conclusion of PHYS 1307, the successful student will be able, in an exam setting, to quantitatively analyze the motion of discrete material objects subject to a variety of different forces, the oscillatory motion of discrete objects in simple physical settings, changes in rotational motion of a discrete object subject to torques, and the behavior of of a system of discrete objects subject to heat flow.

Successful students will also be able, in both an exam setting and in focussed discussion, to qualitatively describe the above behavior using a combination of competent sketches and articulate physics diction.