PHYS 1408 Grading Policy - Spring 2001

  • Homework: 15%
  • Lab Reports: 25%
  • Spot Quizzes: 10%
  • Tests: 25%
  • Final Examination: 25%

    Homework is counted as either handed in (at least 50% of the problems are honestly attempted) or not handed in.

    Spot quizzes are unannounced and closed book. They are based on the reading for the lecture.

    Tests and the final are open note but not open book.

    Disputes about the quality of grading on the tests will only be considered if they are submitted in writing, explaining why you think you are entitled to more points. If your request is accepted, the entire test is subject to a regrade. This implies that your overall score may go up or down. You have been warned.

    There are no make-up homework, quizzes or tests.

    The lowest homework and quiz score are dropped. All test scores and the final exam count. Final course grades are ``curved.'' Effort is rewarded and will be considered when final letter grades are determined. Excessively and frivolously disputing the numerical mark on assigned work in order to garner a few more points on the assignment, i.e., "grade grubbing," will lower your course grade.

    Excuses for missed assignments - medical, personal, etc., - will need to be documented in order for the work to be rescheduled or waived.