PHYS 3310 Overview

Spring 2010

Last edit: 19 Jan 2010
Prof. Thomas Coan (x8-2497)
Office: 47 Fondren Science

Welcome to PHYS 3310. Waves are ubiquitous and the principal manner by which we receive information about the physical world around us and by which we communicate with human beings. Understanding waves is essential to understanding the physical universe. You have already learned some wave physics in your previous courses but here we will study them systematically with an eye to learning the most general principles governing their behavior.

A vastly important property of the physical universe is that physics laws appear the same to a careful observer in any uniformly moving reference frame. This has surprising, even startling, consequences which we will learn when we study the "special" theory of relativity in the second portion of the course.

Graded homework will typically be issued weekly. I encourage you to work together on the problems since discussion aids comprehension. However, the final write-up must be your own work. Submitted homework assignments that are suspiciously similar will annoy me. There will be 3 regular take-home tests as well as a comprehensive final exam.

Your final grade will be based on a weighted sum of your performance on homework, tests, and the final exam according to the scheme below. Individual assignments do not receive a letter grade. The assignments weights are:

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