PHYS 3340 Syllabus   S08

Last edit: 28 Apr 2008

Prof. Thomas Coan (x8-2497)
Office: 47 Fondren Science

Date     Topic Reading/HW Due    
L1 16 Jan Intro to Linux (basic cmds + file structure) On-line linux tutorial
L2 22 Jan More Linux (.tcshrc file, redirection, quoting,...) On-line linux tutorial
HW1 23 Jan HW due today HW1
L3 23 Jan C++ program structure and Compilation Lecture notes
L4 28 Jan Representation of real numbers, machine precision;
C++ for loop
Lecture notes; CP 2.7, 2.9
L5 30 Jan Simple numerical integration (NI) CP 5.1-5.4
L6 4 Feb Errors for NI and Monte Carlo NI CP 5.5
HW2 6 Feb HW2 due today HW2
L7 6 Feb Gnuplot and using GSL libraries
L8 11 Feb Binomial probability distribution (yes, the whole lecture)
HW3 13 Feb HW3 due today HW3
L9 13 Feb Poisson & Gaussian Prob distributions;
Random numbers from arbitrary prob distribution;
First look at data fitting.
CP 9.3,9.4.0
L10 18 Feb Numerical derivatives;
Runge-Kutta algorithm for solving ODEs
CP 6; 15.1-15.5.
HW4 20 Feb HW4 due today HW4
L11 20 Feb Van der Pol oscillator. Limit cycles in phase space.
C++ while statement and arrays.
CP 19.7
L12 25 Feb Simultaneous ODEs. Application to orbital mechanics.
C++ file I/O
L13 27 Feb Intro to nonlinear systems (logistic map).
Passing multiple parameters for solution
of simultaneous ODEs.
C++ struct container.
CP 18.1-18.3
L14 3 Mar Chaotic pendulumCP 19.1-18.2
HW5 5 Mar HW5 due today HW5
L15 5 Mar Chaos ID and Lyapunov exponent
... 10 Mar Spring Break
... 12 Mar Spring Break
L16 17 Mar Fractals and Fractional DimensionCP 20.1 - 20.3
L17 19 Mar Root finding in 1D functions. Lecture notes
L18 24 Mar Numerov Technique for ODE (TISE) solutionLecture Notes
HW6 26 Mar HW6 due today HW6
L19 26 Mar Newton-Raphsons's gotchas and Numerov "lab exercise"
L20 31 Mar Fourier seriesCP 17.1, 17.2
L21 2 Apr Fourier transforms and the discrete fourier transform CP 17.4, 17.5
HW7 4 Apr HW7 due today HW7
L22 7 Apr Fast Fourier Transforms Lecture Notes
L23 9 Apr FFts and octave IntroLecture Notes
L24 14 Apr Solution of Simultaneous Linear Equations Lecture Notes
L25 16 Apr Finding Eigenvalues and EigenvectorsLecture Notes
HW8 16 Apr HW8 due today HW8
L26 21 Apr Octave \& Solution of ODEs Lecture Notes
L27 23 Apr Even More Octave \& Solution of ODEs Lecture Notes
HW9 23 Apr HW9 due today HW9
L28 28 Apr Maxima Introduction Lecture Notes
FPD 30 Apr Final Project Due

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