PHYS 5382 Tentative Syllabus F16

Last edit: 21 Sep 2016

"TO" refers to the Townsend text and "GR" refers to the Griffiths text.

Date     Topic Reading    HW Due
L1 23 Aug Stern-Gerlach expts I TO 1.1-1.6   HW1: 2 Sep
L2 25 Aug SG Expts II TO 1.1-1.6   HW1: 2 Sep
L3 30 Aug Rotation, identity, projection operatorsTO 2.1-2.3  HW2: 9 Sep
L4 2 Sep Matrix representation of operators and
changing representations
TO 2.4-2.5   HW2: 9 Sep
L5 6 Sep Expectation values, photon polarization and
photon Spin
TO 2.6-2.8   HW3: 16 Sep
L6 8 Sep Rotations, commuting operators,
Eigenvalues/eignevectors of angular momentum
TO 3.1-3.3 HW3: 16 Sep
L7 13 Sep Raising and lowering operators,
uncertainty relations and angular mo
TO 3.4-3.5 HW4: 30 Sep
L8 15 Sep Spin-½ eigenvalue problem,
SG Expt w/ spin-1 particles
TO 3.6-3.8 HW4: 30 Sep
L9 20 Sep Hamiltonian and Schrödinger equation,
expectation value time dependendence
TO 4.1-4.2 HW5: 30 Sep
L10 22 Sep Precession of spin-½ particle in B-field,
Magnetic Resonance
TO 4.3-4.4 HW5: 30 Sep
L11 27 Sep The NH3 molecule and maser,
Energy-time uncertainty relation
TO 4.5-4.7 HW6: 7 Oct
L12 29 Sep TEST (in class) TO Chap: 1-3
L13 4 Oct Basis states for 2 spin-½ particles
Hyperfine splitting for ground state of H
TO 5.1-5.2 HW7: 14 Oct
L14 6 Oct Addition of angular mo for 2 spin-½ particles
EPR paradox
TO 5.3-5.4 HW7: 14 Oct
    11 Oct No class. Fall Break.
L15 13 OctBell inequalities, entanglement,
quantum teletransportation
TO 5.5-5.6
GR 12
HW8: 21 Oct
L16 18 Oct Density operator TO 5.7-5.8 HW9: 28 Oct
L17 20 Oct Position eigenstates and Ψ, translation
operator, generator of translations
TO 6.1-6.3 HW9: 28 Oct
L18 25 Oct p̂ in position basis, momentum space,
gaussian wave packet, 2-slit expt
TO 6.4-6.7 HW10: 4 Nov
L19 27 Oct Gen'l props of sols to Sch. Eqn,
particle in a box, 1-D scattering
TO 6.8-6.11 HW10: 4 Nov
L20 1 Nov HO operator methods, raising/lowering ops,
position space Ψs, zero-pt energy
TO 7.1-7.5 HW11: 11 Nov
L21 3 Nov Large-n limit, time dependence,
coherent states
TO 7.6-7.8 HW11: 11 Nov
L22 8 Nov Solving Sch-Eqn in position space,
Inversion symmetry and parity operator
TO 7.9-7.11 HW12: 18 Nov
L23 10 Nov 3D wave mechanics,
trans'l invariance & conservation of linear mo,
Relative and COM coordinates,
grnd state E estimates from uncertainty principle
TO 9.1-9.4 HW12: 18 Nov
L24 15 Nov Rot'l inv & cons of angular mo,
complete set of commuting observables,
vibes and rots of a diatomic molecule
TO 9.5-9.7 HW13: 29 Nov
L25 17 Nov Pos-space rep of L̂ in spherical coords,
orbital angular mo eigenfunctions
TO 9.8-9.10 HW13: 29 Nov
L26 22 Nov Radial Ψ near the origin,
Coulomb potential and H
TO 10.1-10.2 HW 14: 5 Dec
    24 Nov No class. Thanksgiving holiday.
L27 29 Nov Finite spherical well and the deuteron,
Infinite spherical well
TO 10.3-10.4 HW 14: 5 Dec
L28 1 Dec 3D isotropic harmonic osc. TO 10.5-10.6 HW 14: 5 Dec
    Sat., 10 Dec Final Exam Cumulative  11:30 AM - 2:30 PM

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