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Last edit: 22 Aug 2016

Math Tools, Amusements and Physical Constants

Integration engine for 1-D integrals
Buffon's Needle (btw, that's one "o")
NIST Reference on Constants, Units and Uncertainty

Motivation for Quantum Mechanics

Blackbody Radiation Notes by Michael Fowler, UVa.
Blackbody radiation applet
Introduction to The Cosmic Microwave Background

Photoelectric effect applet

Bohr's atom applet

Phase and Group Velocity

Group and Phase velocity applet

2-D Quantum Box

Two-dimension quantum box
Linear superposition in a 2D box

The Hydrogen Atom

Energy Levels of the Hydrogen Atom
Electron configurations

Quantum Mechanical Scattering

Quantum Computation and Cryptography

Quantum Computation Tutorial from J. Preskill, CIT

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