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Last edit: 13 Jan 2012

Math Tools, Amusements and Physical Constants

Integration engine for 1-D integrals
Buffon's Needle (btw, that's one "o")
NIST Reference on Constants, Units and Uncertainty

Motivation for Quantum Mechanics

Blackbody Radiation Notes by Michael Fowler, UVa.
Blackbody radiation applet 1
Blackbody radiation applet 2
Introduction to The Cosmic Microwave Background

Compton Scattering

Photoelectric effect applet 1
Photoelectric effect applet 2

Bohr's Theory of the Hydrogen Atom
Bohr's atom applet
Classical Electron Orbits around the nucleus

Classic Two-Slit Experiment - Optical interference
Electron Interference

Phase and Group Velocity

Phase and Group Velocities of Wave Packets - combination of 5 sin functions
Group Velocity Demonstration
Group Velocity
Group and Phase velocity applet

2-D Quantum Box

Two-dimension quantum box
Linear superposition in a 2D box

The Hydrogen Atom

Hydrogen wave functions
Energy Levels of the Hydrogen Atom
Schrodinger Equation for the Hydrogen atom
Electron configurations
Spectra of Gas Discharges

Spherical harmonics

Hydrogen atom applet - probability densities

Hydrogen atom 2d slice

Quantum Mechanical Scattering

Quantum Mechanical Scattering
Tunnel effect applet
Scattering from a 1-D square well
Time dependent QM: Two dimensional tunneling
Two dimensional hard core potential

Quantum Computation and Cryptography

Tutorials on quantum computing, cryptography and crytpoanalysis
Quantum Computation Tutorial from J. Preskill, CIT
Quantum Cryptography Tutorial

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