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Office Hours: Friday 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm in FS-3
Recitations: Fridays 3:00pm to 4:00pm in Room:FS-157
Grading Policy:
The Recitation is worth 15 points. Attendance is required and it's worth 1 recitation point for the class. The Recitation grade will be based on 4 quizzes during selected Recitations. The quizzes are 3 points each. There are 13 sessions in the whole semester which makes it 15 recitation points in total. The quizzes will be another 15 recitations points in total. Thus,The maximum points that can be earned in the recitation is 25 points which is 15 general course points
if at the end of the smester, A person gets 20/25 in the recitation.
The question is how may points would it add to his genaral course points.
The answer is following:
25 points on the Recitations is equivalent to 15 points in the general course.
20 points on the Recitations is equivalent to X points in the general course
So, X = (20*15)/25 = 12 general course points.
Here some useful physics problems for practice
you can check your recitation grade so far with out counting the remaining
sessions and the other 2 quizzes.
in other words, this is what you will get if you do not show up for the remaining sessions.
The 4 digit number is the last 4 digit from your SMU ID
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