Physics 6351 Spring 2011

Homework Policies

Please feel free to discuss problems with other members of the class or me as you work on them, but write up the solutions in your own words. I'll post suggestions for some problems occasionally under News. Please don't refer to solutions for specific problems that you find on the web. A large part of learning comes as you flail away during the early stages of solving a problem, and I'd hate for you to short-circuit that. If you do use other sources, such as math references, to help solve problems, please footnote them in some way. Representing someone else's work as your own is plagiarism, even in physics. (It's not essential to reference our text or my lectures, since I assume you're referring to these.)

Late Homework:
I'll take late homework for the first week or so after it's due or until I post solutions (whichever comes first), but will knock off 10% per day. After that, you can hand in homework any time during the semester for a 25% credit. At that point, it won't be graded, and you're free to consult the solutions. (As usual, I'll consider homework that shows up anytime on the day it's due as on time.)

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