I am just wondering whose words I should believe in.

Should I believe that PSU Professor Randall Scalise knows more than University of Berkely Professor Dr. Peter Duesberg? Scalise is teaching a supposed course in pseudoscience, and in this course, he is calling Dr. Duesberg's 20 years of validated and published work in the dissent of HIV as the cause of AIDS to be "pseudoscience"?

National Academy of Science Member and UCB Professor, Dr. Peter Duesberg, www.duesberg.com/ who was called the greatest retrovirologist in the world in 1985 by none other than Dr. Robert Gallo, until he dissented as HIV as the cause of AIDS.

OR, should I believe that Randall Scalise knows retrovirology better than Dr. Peter Duesberg .....


Professor Scalise shows us all his brilliance, and his vast knowledge of HIV, AIDS, and Retroviral Science on the following sites:




Thanks much,
Dr. Michael Geiger