Global Warming

Catherine French - Global Warming denialist and delusional paranoid

  • Her first three rambling unsolicited letters to me: first; second; third.
    These can be found verbatim in many places on the internet as she tries to spread her gospel of nonsense to the gullible.

  • My reply.
  • Her response.
  • My second reply.
  • Her second response. Notice that she did not answer any of my questions. What are the names of her colleagues? Where did they publish their work? Give me a reference. She does not even know what a peer-reviewed journal is. Look at her last sentence, "Good luck in finding past publications with anyone's names anymore." All their past publications in the world have been erased??? All the paper copies from every library on the planet??? Lady, that is one heck of a conspiracy!
Compare the claims and defense mechanisms of this denialist with the Intelligent Design evolution deniers, the HIV/AIDS denialists, and the Holocaust denialists.

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"The conclusion of the Review is essentially optimistic. There is still time to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, if we act now and act internationally. Governments, businesses and individuals all need to work together to respond to the challenge. Strong, deliberate policy choices by governments are essential to motivate change. But the task is urgent. Delaying action, even by a decade or two, will take us into dangerous territory. We must not let this window of opportunity close."

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