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Physics 1308 - General Physics II - Electricity and Magnetism

Summer II 2016 : 5 July - 3 August

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Lecture meeting times and place:


Upon completion of this course students will be able to demonstrate basic facility with the methods and approaches of scientific inquiry. In particular,


Teaching Assistants:

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Help Sesions: TBD.

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    Supplemental Text: College Physics - OpenStax College

    Read and Study:


    Exam Dates: Open book, notes, homework, etc.

    Make-up Exams: You must present me with a verifiable excuse in writing. No make-up will be given for the final exam.
    Reading Quizzes: Daily, based on the assigned reading, very short, very easy (if you have done the assigned reading).
    Pop Quizzes: Unannounced, 15 minutes long, at the beginning of lecture, closed book, based strongly on the homework.
    Make-up Quizzes: There are none.


    Laboratory: If you need the one-credit laboratory course, you must register separately for Physics 1106.

    Grading: (Absolute, not curved) Letter Grade Break Points

          Exam 1            - 25%
          Exam 2            - 25%
          Final             - 25%
          Homework          - 15% (Drop 2 lowest)
          Reading Quizzes   -  5% (Drop 2 lowest)
          Pop Quizzes       -  5% (Drop lowest)

    Grade Summary - All the individual test grades arranged by code number

    University Holidays: Monday 4 July 2016


    Students with disabilities, medically excused absences, absences in general

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