Bohr Model of Hydrogen Prelab Assignment

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  1. What did Bohr postulate about the electron in a hydrogen atom?
  2. Einstein's famous equation E=mc2 and Planck's relation E=hf suggested to deBroglie that matter and waves shared a "dual nature". Identify the symbols in the two equations and show how particles with mass could have wavelike properties.
  3. The deBroglie hypothesis suggests that every particle has wavelike properties, including a wavelength. How is the orbital electron's wavelength related to the circumference of its orbit?
  4. What did Rutherford (circa 1910) contribute toward the atomic concept which was used by Bohr (circa 1913) in his model of the hydrogen atom?
  5. In Balmer's formula, the quantum number n1 determines the series to which the radiation belongs. What quantum number and what general band (infrared, visible, or ultraviolet) of the electromagnetic spectrum is associated with

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