Capacitance Prelab Assignment

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  1. What assumption is made in this lab that allows us to ignore the fringing field that bulges out from the edges of real capacitors?
  2. Describe the relationship between the electric field vector of the capacitor and the differential area vector of the chosen Gaussian surface.
  3. The voltage integral can be done along any path, but a straight line path along one of the electric field lines is the most convenient. Why?
  4. How is the ohm meter used to determine that the plates are in physical contact?
  5. The capacitance formula is valid for a parallel-plate capacitor with vacuum between the plates. How should it be adjusted if an insulating material (air, glass, plastic, etc.) called a dielectric sits between the plates?
  6. The reading of the micrometer head is recorded when the ohm meter starts to read 0 ohm. Why?

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