Hello. I am a graduate student here at Southern Methodist University. I have completed the course requirements for the doctorate program and am actively involved with the ATLAS Experiment, to the extent that I now reside in Switzerland. The ATLAS Experiment is a particle physics experiment at the LHC located at CERN. The experiment is designed to explore the fundamental nature of matter as well as to investigate new theories in particle physics beyond the Standard Model. You may reach me at:

<rrios at>
Extension: (214) 768-9879
Office: Room 41, Fondren Science Building

<rrios at>
Extension: +41 22 76 78719
Extension: +41 22 76 72052
Office: 1-1-037

about me

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Ryan R. Rios
SMU Department of Physics
3215 Daniel Avenue, Room 102
Fondren Science Building
Dallas, TX 75275-0175

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(214) 768-9879  Phone (Office)
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