Ryszard Stroynowski

Bio Sketch




1963 - 1968     University of Warsaw, Poland, M.Sc., Advisors: L. Michejda, A.K. Wroblewski

1970 – 1973    University of Geneva, Switzerland, Ph.D., Advisors: D.R.O. Morrison, R. Mermod

Postdoctoral sponsors: D.R.O. Morrison (CERN), A. Minten (CERN), G. Charpak (CERN), D. Leith (SLAC), B. Barish (Caltech)




2007 – 2010                SMU, Dallas, TX                               Chair

1993 – present                        SMU, Dallas, TX                               Professor

1991 – 1993                SMU, Dallas, TX                               Associate Professor

1987-1991                   Caltech, Pasadena, CA                        Lecturer        

1980-1987                   Caltech, Pasadena, CA                        Senior Research Associate

1975-1980                   SLAC, Stanford, CA                           Research Associate

1969-1975                   CERN, Geneva, Switzerland              Staff Physicist

1968-1969                   University of Warsaw, Poland           Assistant


Short visits


2012-present               Visiting Scientist, LAL, Universite de Paris-Sud, Orsay, France

1997                            Professeur Invite, Universite de Paris XI, France

1986                            Visiting Professor, UCLA (one term)

1983                            Visiting Professor, Lausanne, Switzerland (one term)

1972                            Visiting Professor, University of Helsinki, Finland

1969                            Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark




2006                            Gerald L. Ford Medal and Research Fellow

2002                            Academie de Versailles, France, Research Fellow

1993                            American Physical Society Fellow


Professional Service


1991- present              Principal Investigator for the SMU High Energy Physics group

1996 - 2010                 Level-2 Manager for the US-ATLAS Liquid Argon Calorimeter

2006 - 2008                 Chair, ATLAS LAr Collaboration Group Representatives

2002 - 2005                 ATLAS Collaboration Board Advisory Group 2002-2005.

1997 - 2004                 Steering Committee of the NATO Science for Peace Program

1991 - 1993                 GEM Executive Board, lead physicist for GEM magnet

1975 - 1980                 Spokesman, E127 Experiment (SLAC)

1971 – 1973                Spokesman, 100 GeV p-p Bubble Chamber Experiment (Fermilab)

Reviewer for the DOE, NSF and scientific journals. Most recently:

2014                            DOE HEP Intensity Frontier

2013                            DOE Fermilab Science and Technology

2010                            DOE Intensity Frontier Program

2010                            DOE MicroBoNE project


Research experience


1997 -              ATLAS at LHC: LAr calorimeter, Higgs discovery and properties

2007-2010       ebubble: development of tracking detector for low energy neutrinos

1990-2004       CLEO at CESR: physics of tau lepton, tau neutrino, charm and bottom

1991-1993       GEM at SSC: design and prototyping of the solenoid magnet

1985-1989       MARK II at PEP and SLC: physics of charm and bottom, tau lepton, Z boson

1980-1984       DELCO at PEP: direct electron production, physics of charm mesons

1975-1980       SLAC E-127 (LASS Spectrometer): direct electron pair production

1973-1975       Split Field Magnet Facility at ISR, CERN: inclusive reactions, jets

1967-1972       Bubble chamber at CERN and Fermilab: inclusive reactions, resonances


Selected recent publications


Full list contains over 1000 items published in refereed journals. Notes representing various activities are:

1) Measurements of Higgs boson production and couplings in the four-lepton channel in pp collisions at center-of-mass energies of 7 and 8 TeV with the ATLAS detector.  G. Aad et al., arXiv:1408.5191 [hep-ex]

2) Fiducial and differential cross sections of Higgs boson production measured in the four-lepton decay channel in pp collisions at …s = 8 TeV with the ATLAS detector.  G. Aad et al., Physics Letters B 738 (2014) 234.

3) Measurement of the Higgs boson mass from the H->gg and H->ZZ*->4l channels with the ATLAS detector at the LHC. G. Aad et al., Physical review D90 (2014) 052014.

4) Search for WZ resonances in the fully leptonic channel using pp collisions at Ăs =8 TeV with the ATLAS detector.  G. Aad et al., Physics Letters B 737 (2014) 223–243.

5) Observation of a new particle in the search for the Standard Model Higgs boson with the ATLAS detector at the LHC. G. Aad et al., Physics Letters B 716 (2012) 1.

Other significant publications

6) Measurement of the inclusive isolated prompt photon cross-section in pp collisions at …s=7 TeV using 35 pb-1 of ATLAS data. G. Aad et al., Physics Letters B 706 (2011) 150.

7) Internal conversions in Higgs decays to two photons. A. Firan and R. Stroynowski, Physical Review D76, 057301 (2007).

8) Construction, Assembly and Tests of the ATLAS Electromagnetic Calorimeter. B. Aubert et al., NIM, A5583, 2006.

9) Search for CP violation in tau ˆpi pi0 nu(tau) decay. P. Avery et al., Phys. Rev. D64:092005 (2001).

10) The tau lepton and its neutrino. R. Stroynowski and A. Weinstein, Annu. Rev. Nucl. Part. Sci.43,457-528 (1993).


Graduate students advised at SMU: Pavel Zadorozhny, M.Sc. 1994, Guoheng Wei, M.Sc. 1995, Igor Volobouyev, Ph.D. 1997(now Assoc. Prof. at Texas Tech), Vasili Shelkov, Ph.D. 1997 (CEO, Rock Flow Dynamics), Ilia Korolkov, Ph.D.1999 (now Research Prof. at Barcelona University), Vitaliy Fadeyev, Ph.D. 2000 (now at UC Santa Cruz), Jin Wang, M.Sc. 2000, Ilya Narsky, Ph.D. 2001 (now at Caltech and The Math Works), Yuri Maravin, Ph.D. 2002 (now Assoc. Prof. at Kansas State), Matthew Knee, M.Sc. 2004, Triston Dougal, M.Sc. 2006 (now at Anderson Cancer Center, Houston), Franz Faro Aguirre, M.Sc. 2006 (now in industry), Jon Vetter-Cole, M.Sc. 2006, Ana Firan, Ph.D. 2008 (now Prof.  of Practice at SMU), Y. Li, Ph.D. 2010 (now at BNL), Rozmin Daya, Ph.D. 2011 (now at U. Mass, Amherst), Renat Ishmukhametov, Ph.D.2012 (now at OSU), Ryan Rios Ph.D.2012 (now at Lockheed-Martin).

Postdocs supervised at SMU: J. Dominick (now in industry), M. Lambrecht (now in industry), S. Sanghera (now in industry), J. Staeck (now in industry), J. Ye (now Prof. at SMU), T. Wlodek (now at BNL), E. Barberio (Assoc. Prof. at Melbourne U., Australia), J. Hoffman (now at Academia Sinica, Taiwan), D. Joffe (Asst, Prof. at Kennesaw State U.), F. Liu (now at UC Riverside), S. Simion (now at LAL, Orsay), D. Goldin (now at Texas A&M), A. Firan (now at SMU), H. Hadavand (now Asst. Prof. at UT Arlington),  H. Wang, T. Varol