Physics 3333/ CFB 3333 Research Paper Topics

These are only suggestions. Feel free to submit your own topic for approval.

Some Topics to Avoid

There are some topics which, although interesting in themselves, should be avoided in 3333. They can and will get you into trouble. Here are some of them.

You can't apply the scientific method to these things. Papers on fictional subjects can degenerate into a survey of mythology descended from the original work. If there is a factual underpinning for the story, the paper can wind up as a historical summary. Mythology concerns something that never existed, so it's going to be hard to apply science to it, given total lack of evidence. Finally, as we have said, religion and science are to be kept separate here.

Also avoid the following UNLESS you are willing to read extensively all the sources with which your professors are familiar and you have a new angle on the topic. Remember that your professors want to learn something while reading your paper. We will cover these topics in lecture.