Physics 3333 / CFB 3333 Homework 6

Design a scientific experiment that, if successful, would convince even the grossest skeptic that the following claim of psychic ability is a real phenomenon. Your goal is NOT to trick the skeptic, but rather to design a tight protocol that eliminates deception, ad hoc excuses, etc., so that if a subject passes your protocol it can only be because there is a real effect.

Describe in detail how to perform and evaluate the experiment. Be sure to specify the controls that will prevent deception and trickery. Describe how the experiment is to be "blinded" to remove bias on the part of the experimenters. Specify what constitutes success and failure. Describe ways to block off ad hoc excuses. All data must be considered; none can be dropped.

This is the claim:
Read the newspaper story about an explosives detector. Now design a test which would really determine if the thing works.

See Criteria for a Successful Experiment.