Writing Evaluation Criteria

V Topic Suitability Organization Research Analysis Writing Style
0 Topic not appropriate for 3333 What organization? Sources few and questionable; >25% web; missed critical reference(s) No independent analysis; paper simply recites data Paper unreadable because of errors and/or excess verbiage
1   Rambling; structure hard to discern Most sources not substantive Does not address claim; wanders Difficult to follow because of incoherence and errors (>50)
2   At least one part can be identified Under half of sources are reliable Barely begins to address the claim Not easy to read; >30 errors
3 Topic acceptable 2 parts weak/missing  More than half of sources are good Some critical scrutiny of the claim Moderate number of errors(>20)
4   One part weak/missing Most sources are good Moderate critical scrutiny of the claim Paper contains a few errors (>5)
5 Excellent choice! All parts solid and clearly laid out Plenty of good sources Good analysis presents reasonable conclusion Easy to read with essentially no errors (<=5)