Here's another strange creature sighting. This one is known as Bigfoot. It is supposedly a large, humanoid creature that walks like we do and lives in the deep woods. Native American legends about such a creature called Sasquatch exist, but cannot be confirmed. The real break came in 1967 when a fellow named Patterson managed to get some movie footage of a Bigfoot walking off into the woods. The film was a sensation, although not everybody agreed with the premise. Some thought it was a monstrous hoax, showing only a man in a gorilla suit.

Some Bigfoot advocates claimed that the creature's walking gait could not be duplicated by a human. Other looking at the film saw a perfectly normal human gait. Others claimed that the creature's anatomy was so different from human that it had to be real. Skeptics did not agree, although it was certainly possible that Patterson thought it was real. Read more in the Museum of Hoaxes.

To read a lot more about Bigfoot and the hoax, ask Google for "bigfoot patterson hoax" and you will get a load of references.

Stabilized Patterson film