Relevant Web Sites

Good Science * Bad Science * Some good science, some bad science * Good News * Bad News * a.k.a. Infotainment Good Entertainment * - Hone your logic skills with these
  • NPR's Car Talk - listen to Click and Clack diagnose car trouble using inductive reasoning
    • featuring The Puzzler - weekly logic puzzles (be sure to check the archive)
  • Columbo - the TV detective catches murderers through induction
  • Sherlock Holmes - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's detective who, despite claiming to use deduction, actually uses induction
  • The Mensa Workout logic quiz, but don't actually join Mensa until they stop believing in psi phenomena
  • Postmodern Essay Generator - A parody of the postmodern school of academic writing written by Andrew C. Bulhak, using a system for generating random text.

* In the opinion of the instructors and other rational people.