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Physics 3374 / 6351 - Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

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Fall 2018

"Ludwig Boltzmann, who spent much of his life studying statistical mechanics, died in 1906 by his own hand. Paul Ehrenfest, carrying on his work, died similarly in 1933. Now it is our turn to study statistical mechanics. Perhaps it will be wise to approach the subject cautiously."
-- David L. Goodstein (States of Matter, Dover 1985)

Professor Kent Hornbostel's lecture notes based on grown-up Reif

  • Homework: Due dates are strictly enforced. 50% if late; 0% once the solutions are posted. You may work together, but the work that you turn in should be unique. Identical work will receive a grade that is divided among all parties. It is possible to find answers to some homework problems on the internet; do not do this. The point, after all, is not to fool me into thinking that you have learned physics, but rather actually to learn some physics.

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    "[Thermodynamics] is the only physical theory of a general nature of which I am convinced that it will never be overthrown."
    --Albert Einstein