Confronting QCD with Experiment:
Puzzles and Challenges

7-9 November 1996
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

A Symposium to critically examine current puzzling inconsistencies and outstanding challenges in confronting QCD with experimental results.

Sessions begin at 9:00am Thursday 7 November and end at 5:00pm Saturday 9 November.

Dear Colleague,

The task of comparing experimental results with predictions of QCD has been underway for almost two decades. During this interval the scope and sophistication of the theory as well as the quality and range of experimental data have improved dramatically. Recent comparisons of the refined theory with experimental results, based on better-understood systematics and increased sample sizes, have provided comprehensive and critical tests of QCD and yielded a number of intriguing inconsistencies.

Motivated by these developments, and the need to critically examine these points to provide guidance for further progress, the CTEQ Collaboration is organizing a Symposium on "Confronting QCD with Experiment: Puzzles and Challenges" to be held this November. Attached is an initial announcement and registration form. We hope you will join us.

Thank you.

Best regards,

For the Organizing Committee
Jorge G. Morfín
George Sterman

Planned topics include:

Organizing Committee:

J. Huston - Michigan State University
S. Kuhlmann - Argonne National Laboratory
J. Morfín (co-chair) - Fermilab
F. Olness - Southern Methodist University
J. Owens - Florida State University
D. Soper - University of Oregon
G. Sterman (co-chair) - SUNY Stony Brook
W. Tung - Michigan State University
H. Weerts - Michigan State University

Meeting Agenda and Transparencies


You may register for this conference by any of the following methods: For information on lodging and transportation from local airports to Fermilab please follow the links or contact Olivia Vizcarra at the address given above.


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