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From: David de Hilster 
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Subject: "Autodynamics"
Status: RO

Being in physics, I thought you may be interested in this:
(You are not on a mailing list, this is one time only!)

The Society for the Advancement of Autodynamics announces
its Home Pages on the WWW.  After 4 months of intensive
work, the SAA has put together 75 pages of comprehensive
text, diagrams, and graphics explaining a new theory of
relativity called Autodynamics.

Autodynamics is a superset of Special Relativity picking
up where Special Relativity leaves off. Among
Autodynamics' implications are: the ability to describe
important experimental data that Special Relativity
cannot (e.g., muon decay, nucleus-nucleus col- lision,
proton-proton annihilation), the theoretical lifting of
the light speed barrier (including an outline of an
experiment for creating faster-than-light-speed photons),
the description of decay events without the neutrino, and
a description of a system for gravity based on an
elemental quantum particle that also ex- plains the
perihelion advance for the orbits of Mercury, Venus,
Earth, and Mars.

   WWW pages:


For those of you who don't have access to the WWW, you
can use ftp.  To ftp:

   1) Login to as "ftp"
   2) Enter your email address as your password
   3) Connect to pub/saa/www/ascii
   4) Download all *.ascii files

The files have been run through an HTML to ASCII
converter and then through unix NROFF to neaten up.  They
lack the all impor- tant diagrams and are not perfectly
formatted but they will give you an idea what is
contained on our pages.

If you don't have acesss to the internet or the WWW, an
ASCII version can be mailed to you.

-David de Hilster
 SAA President