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 I have an odd think . And I am not professional scientist. So
 I have no way to examine its errors.  
 Could you  send your opinion to me?   
 I beg your pardon for my unskillful english, wrong expressions.

1-1.   I saw an extraodinary picture.  
   A  woman  in  the  picture  was seen  differently. Sometimes
   she was thought an old woman. Sometimes, a young lady. That depends
   who is the observer.  The truth that we believe absolute thing
   may be like this. 


2-1.   Let us suppose that we have two identical clocks and the time of  
   the earth is twice later than that of the Mars.  If it is,
   when the clock of the earth points to one hour having passed, 
   that of the Mars will points to two hours having passed.  
   According  to the theory of special relativity, the time relation 
   between  the moving observer and stationary observer is like 
   the following.
   when the clock of the stationary observer points to the time  T@
   having passed, that of the moving observer will points to the 
   time T@R having passed.  Where,

         R = square root of  1 - v^2/c^2
             v ; speed of relative motion

             c ; speed of light

   Therefore we can conclude that

         t = t@/R : relationship of speed of time passing between  
                    the moving observer and stationary one.
                         - time dilation  equation -

         T = T@R   : relationship of quantity of the elapsed time 
                    between the two observers.
                  * from now this equation will be called  "the result 
                    of time dilation."

[[Now let us examine the theoretical fault of the theory of special

2-2.   The light was shot forth from the plane of flying at the speed  V
   with respect to  the stationary observer on the earth's surface.     
   Let us suppose that the time   T   has passed for the pilot on the 
   plane  when the time   T@   has passed for the stationary observer 
   on the ground.  
   For the pilot, in his own frame of reference, by the second 
   postulate of Einstein the distance between the plane(pilot) and 
   light(photon) is   CT.  In order to simplify, we shall assume that
   the speed V is in +x  direction as Einstein did in his work.
   And also for an observer on the ground, as seen from his own frame of
   reference, the distance between the light(photon) and plane  is    

            CT@ - VT@.

   When we think on the basis of time relation between the two observers,
   by "the result of time dilation", we can conclude that

             CT = CT@R

   On the other hand, by the Lorentz trnsformation ( L = L@R ),
   the distance relation between the two observers  is

             CT = ( CT@ - VT@ )R

   So  we  know

             CT@R = ( CT@ - VT@ )R


             T@ = 0   or   V = 0   or   V = C

   At last the theory of special relativity was denied!!
   What do you think about this unexpected result ?
   Your contact internet is  "". 

  I think the information source of astronomy is electromagnetic
waves.  The accurate knowledges for electromagnetic waves in the space
is intrinsic tool to understand the nature of stars, novas etc.  I
don't think the existence of "ETHER" should be discarded.  I don't
think the hypothesys for ether[Einstein' one = not existing material]
is correct. Maybe it is gravitational field itself, I think.
Electromagnetic waves in the space will suffer its influence. So
unknown effect -maybe red shift- will be increased and appear in the
form of Hubble's Law?  If there is another form of the ether many
aspects of astrophysics sould be discarded.  On the ground, thought
that the sun goes around the earth seems to be right.  But in a view
of the solar system it was authenticated as a wrong concept.  In a
small scale like laboratory the theory of relativity seems to good.
However, in a large scale in the universe there is difficult problems
in theories based on relativity.  There must be another way to verify
relativity.  What is it?

  Jeong  M. H.