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Fair Rules:

All projects need Forms 1 , 1A and Research Plan , 1B before experimentation begins. Your ISEF paperwork consists of these forms, your Abstract (completed after finishing the project) and any additional forms particular to your project.

  • The forms Wizard helps you decide which, if any, additional forms are needed for the project. 

  • The ISEF document library contains all the forms, rules, guidelines.

  • Assistance in writing a Research Plan and Abstract, and citing References

  • Display Board Rules: Sizes, use of photos (consent form), dangerous materials, etc.

  • Complete Rules & Guidelines are at the ISEF website.

  • Competition Tips:

            Judging Criteria. What are judges going to be looking for?
            Number of projects per category in the 2012 DRSEF.
            Science Category descriptions. It is YOUR responsibility to enter your project in an appropriate category.

    What can science fairs do for you?

    I was accepted into top-notch universities, including Ivy League schools, when applying for college. SMU and Austin College offered me the President's Scholarship, the highest merit-based scholarship at their universities; I was offered the prestigious McDermott Scholarship at UTD. Why? Because of my experience in research through Science Fair. I can't tell you how many college interviews ended up in discussions of my work and I sincerely believe and have been told time and time again that science fair played a big part in my success. It has put me a step above the rest: my experiences in research will obviously be attractive to medical schools, and will therefore help me pursue my dream. Jupin Kaur Malhi, SMU Biology student.

    2010 DRSEF grand prize winner & Science Fair World Champion, Amy Chyao