Part 4

In part 4 events of the types you met in Parts 2 and 3 will be mixed up together. So, first you have to decide whether the event you're looking at is the type in which a matter particle-antiparticle pair has been produced (like Part 2) or it is the type of event in which a W+W- pair has been produced (like Part 3). After you've done that, then see if you can identify exactly which sort of event you're looking at. Note down your answers and reasoning and discuss it with your partner to see if you can reach a consensus. DO NOT discuss with or copy answers from other pairs – this will be deemed plagiarism and you will be failed in the course!

Event 31
Event 32
Event 33
Event 34
Event 35
Event 36
Event 37
Event 38
Event 39
Event 40

Here endeth the lab. Hand in your answers to the lab supervisor.

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