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I am an Associate Professor of Physics at Southern Methodist University. I teach physics and conduct research at the energy frontier (the ATLAS Experiment). My top priority presently and for many years to come is the ATLAS Experiment and investigations at the "Energy Frontier" of particle physics. I presently co-convene the Hbb Software Framework Group, a sub-group of the ATLAS Higgs Hbb analysis group tasked with maintaining, developing, and operating the analysis software framework design for Hbb physics efforts. I previously co-convened the ATLAS Higgs Subgroup 6: Beyond-the-Standard Model Higgs Physics from 2012-2013. Among my accomplishments, I have contributed to the measurement of decay modes of the Higgs boson and to the measurement of its spin-parity quantum numbers. Complementary to these efforts, I have worked with my colleagues on the ATLAS Experiment to search for additional Higgs Bosons in nature, providing intellectual leadership and direct involvement in several searches. The SMU ATLAS group, under my leadership, make significant contributions to the operations and upgrade of the experiment, with notable contributions to the development and maintenance of bottom-quark-initiated jet triggers and software contributions to the ATLAS Fast TracKer (FTK) system. The latter is a very new direction to which we recently committed. The theme of my present efforts is consistently the use of heavy quark flavors (bottom and charm) to probe the nature of the Higgs boson.

In the past, I was active in the "Intensity Frontier" of my field through the BaBar Experiment. I led the team that discovered the ground state of the bottomonium system in 2008 and contributed to several other measurements and searches, including the observation of CP violation in the B meson system and the observation of the rare decay B+→τν, I became an Assistant Professor at SMU in 2009 and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2015. I held post-doctoral positions at MIT and The Ohio State University from 2004-2009. I earned my Ph.D. in physics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2004, and prior to that my B.S. in physics from Yale University in 1998.

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