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Phone:(214) 768-7832
Postal Address:SMU Department of Physics
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I am an Assistant Professor of Physics at Southern Methodist University. I teach physics and conduct research at the energy frontier (the ATLAS Experiment). I co-convened the ATLAS Higgs Subgroup 6: Beyond-the-Standard Model Higgs Physics from 2012-2013. Among my accomplishments, I have contributed to the measurement of the spin-parity of the Higgs Boson and have pushed the limits of searches for additional Higgs Bosons in nature. I have also been active in the intensity frontier (the BaBar Experiment). I led the team that discovered the ground state of the bottomonium system and contributed to several other measurements and searches, including the observation of CP violation in the B meson system and the observation of the rare decay B+→τν, While I continue some activity there, ATLAS and the Energy Frontier are currently my top priorities. I became an Assistant Professor at SMU in 2009. I earned my Ph.D. in physics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2004, and prior to that my B.S. in physics from Yale University in 1998.

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