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Please find below links to class material, including lecture notes and supplementary slides, homework and quiz questions and solutions, and links to the exams (as available). Lecture notes will appear by the following class period.

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Lecture Notes and Slides

Homework Assignments

Below are assigned homework and solutions to the homework.

Quizzes and Exams

Below are quizzes, exams, and solutions.

Information on Significant Figures

Significant Figures From Dr. Scalise's 1303 Lecture Notes: Slides 6-10 summarize the rules and cover scientific notation
Handout on Significant Figures (from Stephen Sekula at Daniel Hand High School in CT.)

Lecture Videos

Please note: not all lectures are video recorded. Guest lectures are not recorded (Lectures 4 and 5 and 22). A few lectures has been completely irrecoverable. Lecture 24 had damaged sound. One is being re-recorded to recover a demonstration (Lecture 17). Lectures 26, 38, and 39 were guest lectures (unrecorded). Lecture 27 audio was lost. Lecture 29 audio was also lost.