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Presentation Days - Apr. 20 and 22

In-class presentations will occur on Apr. 20 and 22, with presenters and topics in the following order:

Tue. April 20

  • D. Stanley
    The Relativistic Rocket
  • J. Omahen
    The Optical Frequency Comb
  • D. Stranahan
    The Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
  • V. Jovanovic
    Quantum Computing

Thur. April 22

  • J. Horton
    The Arrow of Time
  • J. South
    Loop Quantum Gravity
  • A. Hayes
    Light and Modern Electronics


The topics chosen by students in the class are as follows:
  • Andrew Hayes: Modern Physics and Electronics: CCDs and Photonics
  • Josh Horton: The Arrow of Time
  • Vladimir Jovanovic: Quantum Computing
  • Jason Omahen: The Fourier Transform and the Optical Frequency Comb
  • Jason South: Loop Quantum Gravity
  • Dennis Stanley: Relativistic Rocketry - The Rindler Horizon and the Unruh Temperature
  • David Stranahan: The Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics


Please read the guidelines for the in-class presentation.

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