Class Information

This graduate-level course is intended for first-time teaching assistants in the SMU Physics Department. For the Fall of 2017, all new graduate students and all existing graduate students who will be actively serving as teaching assistants are required to enroll in this course.

-- Stephen Sekula, Associate Professor of Physics

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Contact Information

  • Professor Sekula:, Fondren Science 39, 8-7832
General Information

"How To Teach Physics" is intended to introduce graduate students to the foundational skills and approaches in the modern physics education environment. Students will learn to
  • underdstand the best researched physics teaching techniques;
  • demonstrate physics problem solving approaches to undergraduates;
  • engage undergraduates in a team-based problem-solving environment;
  • improve their performance in the classroom environment (e.g. speaking, writing, and interaction/communication skills);
  • develop and encourage peer-mentoring among small groups of undergraduates.

Course Materials