Introduction to Mechanics 
Physics 1407, Fall 2000
Instructor: R. Vega

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The homework site
Discussion Board
IQ Questions These are conceptual questions which can help sharpen your understanding.
Instructions for Homework site
Here is a link to the Harcourt Publisher site.  These are the folks who produce our textbook, "College Physics".   At this site you can find practice multiple choice exercises, detailed answers to a select number of problems in the text, and other information which will help you get more out of this course.
If you want to go directly to the practive problems here is the link:
You can use this problem bank to test yourself before each test.

Interesting and Useful Sites:

Another textbook website with online interactive problems
The Wonders of Physics
Nobel Laureates in Physics
Newton's Apple
Contributions of Women to Physics


Test 1  (PDF format) This is a practice test.  It is not complete as some figures are missing.   If I have time I will try to post some answers but I am not making promises.
Test2 ,   Answers
Note:  This practice test does not include Gravitation or Keplers Laws.  These two topics, however, are included in the real test 2.
Test3: This is a practice test.   Some figures may be missing and this test does not cover
 all the material which will be covered and Test 3.
For answers to Test 3 (Friday version) click here.
Final Exam:  Here is a link to UIUC physics department.  They have an online final
 which you can use to practice for our final.   Their final is more geared towards 
 the engineering physics course so it does not include problems on thermo physics,
 Here is the link to the test.

The Society of Physics Students - SMU Chapter

Anonymous Feedback Please use this link to send me comments or suggestions about the class.