Course Plan

The Physics Department offers a program consisting of course studies in broad areas of classical and modern physics, and research studies in both experimental and theoretcial particle physics as well as dark matter searches. We offer four different degree programs: Bachelor of Science in Physics, Bachelar of Arts in Physics and two dual degrees in Physics and Mechanical Engineering and Physics and Electrical Engineering.

Advanced classes in physics are small, providing ample opportunities for students to work closely with Physics Department faculty. Undergraduate physics majors are encouraged to participate in research activites.

Physics B.S. Suggested Course Plan

This is a suggested course plan for required physics courses. Note: 6 credits of electives are required for graduation. They should be taken in the 3rd or 4th year. Course in italics are those required for the major and taught in different departments. Note: this sheet does not replace meeting with your advisor. You should meet with your advis0r each semester.

Year 1:
Fall Spring
PHYS 1105 Mechanics Laboratory PHYS 1106 Electricity and Magnetism Lab
PHYS 1303 or 1307 Introductory Mechanics PHYS 1304 or 1308 Introductory Electricity and Magnetism
MATH 1337 Calculus 1 MATH 1338 Calculus 2
CSE 1341 Principles of Computer Science
Year 2:
Fall Spring
PHYS 3305 Modern Physics PHYS 4321 Methods of Theoretical Physics
MATH 2339 Calculus 3 MATH 2343 Differential Equations
Year 3:
Fall Spring
PHYS 3344 Classical Mechanics PHYS 4211 Advanced Laboratory Physics
PHYS 5382 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics PHYS 5383 Advanced Quantum Mechanics
MATH 3353 Linear Algebra
(Elective) (Elective)
Year 4:
Fall Spring
PHYS 3374 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics PHYS 4392 Introduction to Electromagnetic Theory
PHYS 3340 Computational Physics
(Elective) (Elective)