PHYS 1301 Laboratory Schedule   F98

Last edit: 2 Nov 1998

Prof. Thomas Coan (x8-2497)
Office: 4B Fondren Science

Lab date     Topic Location
25 Aug No lab  
1 Sep Measurement and Error 25 FS
8 Sep Probability 25 FS
15 Sep Diffraction 25 FS
22 Sep Elementary Particle Reactions 25 FS
29 Sep Diffraction and Compact Discs 25 FS
6 Oct Measurement of the Speed of Light 25 FS
13 Oct No lab  
20 Oct Special Relativity 1 DCC
27 Oct Special Relativity 2 DCC
3 Nov Cosmic Rays (proposal) Canceled
10 Nov Atomic Spectral Lines 25 FS
17 Nov Bohr Model DCC
24 Nov Wave Function Scattering DCC
1 Dec Radioactivity DCC

Note: ALL labs meet at 9:00 am. 25 FS means 25 Fondren Science and DCC means the Digital Commons Classroom in room G4 in the Fondren Library basement. Fondren Science and Fondren Library are two entirely different buildings.