PHYS 4211 Physics Experiments

Fall 2004

Last edit: 28 nov '04
  1. Pulse Transmision and Cable Properties
  2. Franck-Hertz Experiment
  3. Photoelectric Effect
  4. Compton Scattering
  5. Low Light Detection
  6. Muon Lifetime
  7. X-ray Diffraction
  8. Measurement of the electronic e/m Ratio
  9. Mössbauer Effect
  10. Speed of Light Measurement
  11. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

A short but useful document on statistics and error estimation is Statistics and Error Estimation by G. Clark/MIT.

Read this brief guide for guidance on how to write lab reports for PHYS 4211.

Read this brief guide for guidance on how to plot data for PHYS 4211.

Useful References

American Institute of Physics

American Physical Society

CRC Handbook

National Nuclear Data Center

NIST Physics Data

Overview of Particle Physics

Particle Data Group

Table of Isotopes