Undergraduate Researchers


Applied Physics

Picoammeter Tests with Varying Noise

    Joseph Hashem (2008-2010)

    Matthew Rispoli (2008)

Tomography of the BaBar Experiment

    Matthew Rispoli (2008-2010)

Time Resolution of GPS Technology

    Rozmin Daya, Andrew Peppard (2005-2006)


Search for Variable Stars

   Vladimir Jovanovic (2010)

    Jonathan Fleming (2009-2010)

    Jieun Park (2008-2010)

    Elizabeth Fagg, Kelly Pearson (2007-2010)

    Anne Gustafson (2007)

Radio Astronomy and the Galactic Rotation Curve

    Kelvin Varghese (2008)

Fundamental Particles

Missing Transverse Energy Resolution in Top Quark Mass Measurement

    Jason South (2009-2010)

    Brad Stanley (2006-2007)

Measurement of the Muon g-2 Factor

    Don Davis (2009-2010)

    Amy Hand (2006-2008)

    Alex Weckiewicz (2006-2007)

Search for Dark Scalars

    Landon Banister (2009-2010)

Study of Backgrounds to Higgs Boson

    John Norton (2007-2008)

Physics Pedagogy

Chua’s Circuit and Demonstration Technology

    Ken Ueda (2008)