6335 Updates

Sept 03

I think (hope) we've finally settled on a class time that everyone
can make: W 4:00-5:30, and Th 1:30 - 3:00.  I hope I can remember it.

I've started posting my lecture notes.  Right now, we're mostly
following along Shankar's first chapter.  I'll try to get some of
that chapter copied for you until my copy arrives.

Aug 27

It looks as if we can have rm 25 Wed and Th afternoons, so let's 
plan to meet 1:30pm - 3:00pm  W and Th, beginning tomorrow.
The room isn't ideal (the blackboard's a little small), but
there wasn't much available upstairs.  I'll continue to keep
my eyes open, though.

Aug 14

Some comments before the course starts:


Thus far I only know of two students taking this course.  If you're
planning to sign up (or just sit in), please send me your name and
email address; I'd like to be able to keep everyone informed about
changes in the meeting time and location (see below).

Meeting time and location:

We won't have class on the first day scheduled (Aug 21) because I have 
jury duty, but will meet the following Tuesday unless we make other
arrangements before then.  Given the small number of students, it's
pretty likely that we'll settle on a meeting time and place more 
convenient than the official one.


The official text for the course is Sakurai, which is the one the
bookstore has available.  I've chosen it because I've used it before
for 6336, and it covers much (but not all) of the material in that course 
well.  I haven't taught 6335 before, where it's coverage is less ideal,
and suspect that I'll be drawing material from several other texts,
probably Shankar, a little from Schiff, and perhaps Merzbacher
(cf the course References).  Whether you choose to buy Sakurai is up to
you, though I think both Sakurai and Shankar would be good investments.  
The library also has these, and many others.  You can probably get by 
without owning any of them, but having access to at least one text to 
read through for more detailed info is probably a very good idea.

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