6336 Updates

Apr 23

Bedile pointed out that Shankar has a discussion of the
L.S problem.  You're welcome to use that for your homework
(but reference it, as usual).

Lecture notes should be up to date now (plus a little).

For the second problem in the current set, to exponentiate S_2 
to get the rotation matrix, simply write the taylor series using
an arbitrary angle and the matrix for S_2.  You should
find that after you've worked out a few terms it will be
obvious how the rest of them go.  You'll end up with a
2x2 matrix of cosines and sines.  At the end, consider the
special case when the angle is pi/2, and apply it to the
vector representing |1/2, 1/2>. 

Mar 23

I've added an identity to the statement of the third problem
(about the Coulomb potential in the hydrogen atom) that will 
help with the angular integrals.

Mar 17

Please note the minor correction in the last problem.
(It's more subtle, because the states are degenerate.)

Mar 11

For the question about the leading asymptotic behavior of solutions
to the 1d Schrodinger equation, what I have in mind is what we did
to get the exponential behavior of the radial hydrogen wavefunction.
Recall that we extracted this before attempting a series solution
by assuming a form exp(S), and looking for the largest contribution
to S for large r.

Feb 16

I've updated lectures to cover material just a bit beyond where we
are in class.

Jan 13

The time on Tu-Thurs pm originally scheduled conflicted with another
class.  I'll contact you soon to set up a new schedule, but please feel
free to communicate preferences before then.  My inclination is some time
on Tu-Thurs afternoon, though we could also try a MW or WF am.

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