Here is what the QuarkNet participants said about the Workshops.

This is a complete and unedited transcription of the comments from the final feedback forms. Copies of the original hand-written forms are available upon request.


· Which segments of this workshop would be most useful to other teachers.

· Which elements from he workshop will transfer to your students.

· What type of follow-up events will be useful.

· What was your general impression of the workshop.

· Other comments.

Most dynamic workshop I have attended. The energy and love of physics will be transferred to my students as well as the activities and to some extent the in-depth notes. The wide variety of resources in people, books, technology, and Internet will enable me to have an expanding amount of information to share with my students

Thanks for the wonderful experience that all of you at SMU made possible.

D. Reynolds

  1. Links and follow-ups posted on web-site
  2. Lecture material and demos
  3. Short mini-reports on current happenings
  4. I am so glad I was accepted into this workshop. I really do not have other physics teachers to communicate with in my building and it is great to have interaction with other teachers.
  5. Fantastic job! Thank you!
Sandra L. Lyman

  1. Demonstrations, lab experiments.
  2. Demos and lab experiments; web links, mathmatica
  3. Speakers, trip to Fermilab and Cem?!
  4. Very informative - mostly because this is Physics today!! We teach and study a lot about classical topics, but learning about what is going on in current physics is quite new (for me, at least). I can't wait to tell students about this - even if its not part of the curriculum. This has definitely encouraged me to read more on the topic and get my students involved.
  5. See #4. This was such a great experience! Thank you to all our facilitators - the people here at SMU are top notch. Fred, Tom, Randy, Richard, and Tamara are truly brilliant.

All of the areas of updated information and new discovery are useful to keep the teachers updated. The ability to build, use low cost items, to explain the concepts of modern physics is a useful thing to all teachers. Teachers ability to work and network with other teachers is also very important, to develop new concepts.

I feel that the relationship of all of the hands on activities will be useful. Particle collision examples will be a fun way to see the formation of smaller particles. It can also be used to show principles of force, velocity, acceleration, distance, KE, momentum, etc. The list is endless. Simple ways to show shape and size of unknown particles is also another useful activity. Students need a mark or impression made to help them remember and understand. Hands on activity will give them this ability.

Just to stay on top of the new discoveries and visual aids to show what is being done. To see the areas of study at Fermilab or Cern and watch data be collected.

I thought this workshop was very organized, each speaker had different approaches and concepts to share. It was fun to watch the different teaching methods and use of technology by each instructor. Labs were used to enforce what was being studied. All of the teachers involved worked well together and the networks established will be helpful throughout the next years of teaching.

Great job by all involved, looking forward to further work and activities.

  1. The "open-ended" labs were quite good. The LINAC ws a great idea, and keeping it open allowed lots of modifications and ideas to come out.
  2. I'll definitely do the LINAC, in one form or another.
  1. A follow up next year on the LINAC and cosmic ray detectors might be helpful so people could compare notes.
  2. High quality workshop. Best I've attended. It didn't dumb things down at all, and covered many interesting questions.

  1. Dr. Fred's lectures and the lab.
  2. The reading, lab demonstrations, and the pursuit of language of science.
  3. I think lecture and labs like we already had and the new research.
  4. For me it was excellent - an opening of door to new visits. There are not enough words in my vocabulary to praise it.

  1.    Present research and future research in high energy physics i.e. I was in college before the top quark was found.
  2. - The linac demo/lab
  1. - updates on research



    - getting together again to see what worked and what didn't in our classrooms

  1. Excellent. I am so glad I could participate. This was well worth my time. I am looking forward to continuing this collaborations!

  1.  The concentrated update of current knowledge is great.
  2. The new understanding of physics is priceless. The better understanding of the theory will improve my ability to share knowledge clearly and concisely to my students.
  3. A trip to Fermilab would be a wonderful "real life" experience to aid my transfer ability to students.
  4. This was by far, the best I have attended.
  5. The opportunity to spend time with talented people has provided a spark that had been faltering. This workshop is great for challenging and performance. The building of the Myer Telescope has been a really great opportunity.

 The lectures were the most useful to me as a teacher. I graduated college during a time when none of this was discussed. As a teacher I would read things on my won, but your lecture kind of made things more clear.

The elements that I will transfer to my students will be the examples, drawing, stories, and all the interesting side things that I can make my students interested in particle physics.

I wish we could do more lectures on these concepts (like review sessions).

I think this workshop was wonderful. I felt like I was taking an actual physics class. These two weeks I also learned that there are other people like me, that are confused in this topic. As a teacher, I thought that it was only me that was confused about subatomic particle but I now know that I can ask questions and get answers. At my school, there was nobody for me to ask. I would get frustrated.

  1.   Demonstrations, manipulations, and labs.
  2. Same as #1
  3. Some elementary group theory
  4. Outstanding - exactly fit my personal deficit. Great chemists among participants. Friendly and helpful instructors and auxiliary personnel.
  5. Recommend to other physics teachers.

  1.   All lectures in order to increase base knowledge of particle physics and up to date data. And web links for places to go for information.
  2. The "hands-on" mind games by Dr. Olness. These are excellent things to have students do to make them become involved in higher order thinking skills. At this time, I may not have a clear idea of how to apply everything, but I have the information and where to go to get more. I know this will help me in the coming year as I teach different science units in all sciences- physics, chemistry, and environmental.
  3. Just to get back together and find out from each other how this material was useful in the classroom will be very helpful.
  4. My overall evaluation of this workshop is that it was one of the best I have ever attended. There were good conversations between lectures, "book knowledge" and "hands-on" application.
  5. It has been exciting to be part of real "live" research as SMY is involved with the research of finding things such as the Higgs particle. I look forward to continuing my association with this project.

  1.  Not depending upon level of teaching: the universal process of taking an idea and open up brainstorming to allow natural inquiries to explain observations with experiments.
  1. Limited amounts of the standard model and the LINAC model to add a hands on effect and UTSW to add an end to it all.
  2. Great lectures, forms for students, mail lists
  3. Fantastic 10+ on a "relative" 10 scale
  4. Need to add more public school teacher trainings in for physics and chemistry done with completely fun labs to teach the theory. Public school teachers need all the help/training/fun they can get.