The LINAC Model:


Design and Construction: 6 hours

Test Runs: 5 hours

The objectives of this experiment includes designing and creating a simple Linear Accelerator Model that can be tested and run safely for low cost in a laboratory environment.Using PVC pipe, Plexiglas, wood, a trigger mechanism, and a form of propulsion, both student and teacher scientist are able to physically construct an accelerator.While the velocity of particles traveling through the beam pipes in no way even come close to actual velocities achieved at CERN or FERMILAB, this experiment allow those to see from a much larger perspective how a proton collision may appear if one were inside a beam pipe.

Once your version of this LINAC is constructed and the proton is fired through the chamber, a series of measurements are obtained using the latest version of the Venier LabPro and associated probes.Measurements of velocity, force, acceleration, mass and momentum can be collected after each introduction of a proton into the beam pipe.

You will design and build a Linear Accelerator from the following materials and perform test runs to obtain each variable listed above.Three sizes of beam pipes, different sized particles and varying amounts of thrust will be used to see what effect, if any, changes the velocity, force, acceleration or momentum of each particle.All information obtained will be recorded and graphed in Microsoft Excel and in Venier?s Graphical Analysis software package.

At the experiments conclusion not only you, but also your students will have a basic understanding of what a LINAC is and how they work.In addition to the excitement of hands-on building and firing protons, both students and teachers are able to master some of Venier?s most basic probes both on intermediate and advanced levels.

Equipment for data collection:Equipment for LINAC

TI-83 PlusPVC Pipe

Venier LabProMetal Clamps

PC ComputerPlastic Adhesive

MS Excel and Graphical Analysis SoftwarePlexiglas

Photogate ProbeTrigger mechanism

Motion sensor ProbePropellant

Accelerometer Probe2x4 wood block

Force Sensor Probebolts, screws, nuts

LCD Digital ScaleClear Silicon Sealant

Sony Digital Mavica CameraJawbreakers

Floppy DiskettesPlastic Lunch Tray