To: Students of Physics

From: Professor Fredrick Olness

Subject: Regrading Exams and Quizzes

Please follow guidelines when submitting papers for a regrade:

_ Please do not write on the paper. If you have done so by accident, please make a note to this effect on a separate sheet of paper. This is important as papers are Xeroxed at random.

_ Please write the reason you desire a regrade on a separate sheet of paper. Only written requests will be examined. Be specific and detailed. If you are questioning the partial credit, be sure to point out what you did wrong, and why you think it deserves more points.

_ Please turn in all papers for regrades within two days after the papers are returned. After this deadline, we will not accept any papers for a regrade, even if you deserved the points. (We can not keep regrading all semester.)

_ Please be aware that we reserve the right to review all problems on a paper, not just the ones you asked us to look at. This also means that your score during a regrade can go down as well as up.