Course Schedule

Spring 1999

  Date Notes Tests Chapter Topic Videotape
TUE Jan-12 FIRST CLASS   Chap 1 Physics and Measurement Powers of Ten
THUR Jan-14         MU1: Introduction
TUE Jan-19   Quiz 1 Chap 2 Motion in One Dimension  
THUR Jan-21         MU2: Law of Falling Bodies
TUE Jan-26 P/F Date Quiz 2 Chap 3 Vectors  
THUR Jan-28         MU5: Vectors
TUE Feb-02   Quiz 3 Chap 4 Motion in Two Dimensions  
THUR Feb-04         MU4: Inertia
TUE Feb-09   Exam 1 Chap 5 The Laws of Motion  
THUR Feb-11         MU6: Newton's Laws
TUE Feb-16   Quiz 4 Chap 6 Circular Motion ... Newton's Law  
THUR Feb-18         MU9: Moving in Circles
TUE Feb-23   Quiz 5 Chap 7 Work and Energy  
THUR Feb-25         MU13: Conservation of Energy
TUE Mar-02   Quiz 6 Chap 8 Potential Energy, Cons. ...  
THUR Mar-04         MU14: Potential Energy
TUE Mar-09 Spring Break        
THUR Mar-11          
TUE Mar-16   Exam 2 Chap 9 Linear Momentum and Collisions  
THUR Mar-18         MU15: Conservation of Momentum
TUE Mar-23   Quiz 7 Chap 10 Rotation of Rigid Object ...  
THUR Mar-25 Drop Date       MU19: Angular Momentum
TUE Mar-30   Quiz 8 Chap 11 Rolling Motion, Ang. Mom., ...  
THUR Apr-01         MU20: Torques and Gyroscopes
TUE Apr-06   Quiz 9 Chap 12 Static Equilibrium and ...  
THUR Apr-08         MU16: Harmonic Motion
TUE Apr-13   Exam 3 Chap 13 Oscillatory Motion  
THUR Apr-15         MU17: Resonance
TUE Apr-20   Quiz 10 Chap 14 The Law of Gravity  
THUR Apr-22         MU8: The Apple and the Moon
TUE Apr-27   Quiz 11 Chap 15 Fluid Mechanics  
THUR Apr-29 LAST CLASS       MU18: Waves
FRI May-07   Final   3:00 PM - 6:00 PM  

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