The Loch Ness Monster (Nessie)

We include this one because evidence is beginning to indicate that this marvelous creature is actually a simple hoax that spread. It has been around since 1934. This picture from 1934 is the first "evidence" for the monster's existence. "Nessie" has become a tourist industry in the Inverness area of Scotland. Not that the monster is the only reason to visit the Scottish Highlands - they are marvelously beautiful. The monster is an added attraction. The following web site gives the story.

From The Un-Museum

There's a bit more to add. In the last few decades, a number of groups have mounted expeditions to Loch Ness for the explicit purpose of locating the monster. The searchers have used sonar, underwater cameras, and surface surveillance. They found lots of fish, plus a few unidentified echoes, but no monster. Also - creatures such as Nessie were air breathers. Even if they did spend most of their time underwater, they would have to come up at intervals to breathe. They would also have to eat, and someone calculated that the water conditions on the loch would not support enough of a food chain to feed such a large creature. In summary, a lot of effort has been directed toward finding Nessie, with absolutely no success. This, coupled with the confession of hoax, doesn't give one a lot of confidence that Nessie exists. Doesn't prove that the monster doesn't exist, but certainly gives no encouragement.