This letter from Pam to Major Martin was dated 18 April 1943.

I do think dearest that seeing people like you off at railway stations is one of the poorer forms of sport. A train going out can leave a howling great gap in ones life & one has to try madly - & quite in vain - to fill it with all the things one used to enjoy a whole five weeks ago. That lovely golden day we spent together - oh! I know it has been said before, but if only time could sometimes stand still just for a minute - But that line of thought is too pointless. Pull your socks up Pam and dont be a silly little fool.

Your letter made me feel slightly better - but I shall get horribly conceited if you go on saying things like that about me - they're utterly unlike ME, as I'm afraid you'll soon find out. Here I am for the weekend in this divine place with Mummy & Jane being too sweet and understanding the whole time, bored beyond words & panting for Monday so that I can get back to the old grindstone again. What an idiotic waste!

Bill darling, do let me know as soon as you get fixed& can make some plans, & dont please let them send you off into the blue the horrible way they do nowadays - now that we've found each other out of the whole world, I dont think I could bear it-

All my love,