Physics 3333 / Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

There's another scam going around. You might get an e-mail outlining a job opportunity that looks really enticing. Take a look at these!

You'll have to admit that some of the job descriptions are rather vague. Hard to tell exactly what is involved. All you have to do is process fund transfers for some outfit which is located in another country.

What a deal! All you have to is act as a financial intermediary for various transactions. You will receive payments, run them through a bank account here, and forward payments on to the company while keeping a small cut for yourself.

Is this real?

No. The "company" will set you up as an "agent" and get you going. You will receive payments, mostly cashier's checks, from various "customers." You will forward the payments as agreed. All will go fine - for a while. You will get a large cashier's check, which you will "process" as usual. You'll deposit the check, transfer the agreed amount and keep your percentage. Only one little problem: that large cashier's check is counterfeit. The supposed paying bank will bounce it as a fake. You are now out the entire amount of the fake check and your bank will hold you responsible for repaying it.

In short, you have been scammed.

The prospect of recovery is essentially zero. The money has been transferred out of the country and is G-O-N-E.

Moral: use your e-mail delete key.