Notes on writing abstracts/outlines

  • Start with a pseudoscientific CLAIM.
    • Make sure that the CLAIM has something to do with this course.
    • Who made the CLAIM?
    • Where was the CLAIM made?
  • ABSTRACT: Write a one-paragraph summary of the paper that you intend to write. This can become the opening paragraph of your full paper.
  • OUTLINE: Give us an idea of how you will develop the paper. Bullet points are fine, but generic headings like "Introduction" and "Conclusion" are not helpful.
  • SOURCES: Find as many relevant sources as you can. This will become your bibliography in the full paper. Include authors' names, journal volume and issue numbers, book titles, publication dates, pages, etc.
  • DRAFT: Include a rough draft of your paper. This will allow us to detect a serious error of subject and approach.
  • Remember: the more information that you give to use, the more useful feedback we can give to you.

How to submit your assignment

  • Submit your assignment using this website: Please follow the instructions on the website. The assignment is "Midterm Paper Abstract".
  • If you have ANY problems using the web page to submit the assignment, DO NOT PANIC! It's very important that you tell us what problem(s) you have. To do this, please cut-and-paste the error message(s) you get and email them to Attach to that email your assignment, so we can process it and give you credit. Or, you can print off the assignment and hand it in on paper.