Attendance Policy

Due to previous rampant absenteeism and the resulting failing grades, we have a firm attendance policy:

Here's the policy with regard to the number of unexcused absences.

  • 0 to 6: You have a ration of 6. Use them as you wish.
  • 7: One full grade point penalty at end of term.
  • 8: Two full grade points penalty at end of term
  • 9: Three full grade points penalty at end of term.
  • 10: Final grade = F (if not F already).

For an absence for medical reasons (these happen, see the SMU web page on medical absences. See the course page on various absences.

If you arrive at class more than 5 minutes late without an excuse, you may not take that day's reading quiz. If you miss more than half of the lecture because you arrive late or leave early without an excuse, you do not get credit for attending that day.

If you must leave early for a good reason, to avoid being charged with an absence you must:

  • Tell us in advance of your need to leave early
  • Tell us in advance when you need to go
  • Tell us in advance the reason for the early departure
The reason being good, we will count you as present for that day.

Classroom Environment

We are going to try to maintain a proper academic learning environment in the classroom. Toward that end, here are some rules.
  • ALL cell phones are to be turned OFF and put away. We don't want to hear any phones going off and interrupting the class.
  • Do not use a cell phone for frivolous web-surfing or instant messaging during the class period.
  • Do not read newspapers or other stuff during class. This is quite rude to everyone else.
  • Do not work on any other class assignments during the class.
  • Don't yak with your neighbors. This bothers everybody else. Save the chatter for after class. If you have something to contribute to lecture, please raise your hand until you are acknowledged.
  • Do not eat during the class. This particularly means crunchy snacks or other noisy food.