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Good Science
  • God knows what... featuring
  • Bad Science by Alistair Fraser
  • Defend Science featuring
  • - by Benjamin Radford managing editor of The Skeptical Inquirer
  • - Chris Mooney's companion site to the book
  • Pharyngula by P.Z. Myers
  • - Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting: The National Media Watch Group
  • The Mad Scientist Network li>The Skeptics Guide To The Universe "Your escape to reality"
  • 15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense Scientific American article by John Rennie, PDF version
  • Scientific American: Becoming Human (June 2006)
  • The Straight Dope by Cecil Adams
  • The History News Network edited by Rick Shenkman (who spoke at SMU)
  • Nobel Prize in Physics 1999 co-winner Gerard t'Hooft's take on the paranormal
  • Scientific American Magazine
  • SETI@home - the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at home
    • featuring their links to SETI information
  • Sky & Telescope magazine's SETI Section
  • Norwegian Skeptics
  • New Mexicans for Science and Reason
    • featuring The Bible Code by Dave Thomas (no, not the Wendy's founder)
  • What's up with the "Bible Code"? from The Straight Dope
  • Do anagrams in Lewis Carroll's poems prove he was Jack the Ripper? from The Straight Dope
  • Fraud, Mistaken Identity and Claims Thereof
  • Best of the Web - from Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries by Kenneth L. Feder
  • Fuz Rana on NPR's Glenn Mitchell show Read Rana for bad science and Rennie for good science
  • Mythbusters! - on the Discovery Channel
  • Thomas B. Fordham Foundation
  • Russell Humphreys' Young World "Evidence"
  • Power Lines and Cancer: Nothing to Fear by John W. Farley, Ph.D
  • Independent Investigations Group
  • Dangers of chiropractic therapy : MUST SEE! : Confessions of a Quackbuster
  • A Different way to Heal? - Alternative Medicine - Scientific American Frontiers with Alan Alda
  • National Council Against Health Fraud
  • The Museum of Unworkable Devices
  • Art and UFOs?
  • The reDISCOVERY INSTITUTE - a parody of the bad science Discovery Institute
  • Sea-monster or Shark? - An Analysis of a Supposed Plesiosaur Carcass Netted in 1977
  • A Skeptic Moment with Tim Kammer - skeptical podcasting
  • What is Pseudoscience?
  • What Was God Thinking? Science Can't Tell - by Nobel Prize Winner Eric Cornell
  • Rev. Ridiculous doesn't speak well for intelligent design - If Intelligent Design is science and not religion, then why is the Reverend Pat Robertson upset?
  • Holiday Scams
  • Intelligent Design: The New Creationism Threatens All of Science and Society from the American Physical Society (APS)
  • Facts of Life People may have different beliefs and theories about how we got here, but only one should be taught in our children's science classes: evolution.
  • Barry Marshall and Robin Warren win Nobel Prize for work on ulcers
  • Evolution FAQ from the NY Times
  • Achau Nguyen Test from
  • Intelligent Falling - satire from The Onion parodying the Evolution / Intelligent Design debate.
  • - Polygraphy is Quackery
  • Recycling paper and plastic actually hurts the environment.
  • The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary
  • The Facts About Second Hand Smoke
  • Latest Email Hoaxes - Current Internet Scams - Hoax-Slayer Newsletter
  • Skepchicks - female skeptics
  • - Urban Legends Reference Pages
  • Nonoccupational Exposure to Chrysotile Asbestos and the Risk of Lung Cancer by Michel Camus, Ph.D., Jack Siemiatycki, Ph.D., and Bette Meek, M.Sc. NEJM Volume 338:1565-1571 May 28, 1998 Number 22
  • ASBESTOS REVISITED By: Alleman, James E., Mossman, Brooke T., Scientific American, 00368733, Jul97, Vol. 277, Issue 1
  • Mystery InvestigatorsUsing Science to Investigate the Strange and Mysterious
  • Do you think Al Gore claimed he invented the internet? Then you're wrong. And if you still think so after you read the link, then you're stupid.
  • Polygraph Results Often in Question but government agencies are hooked on them
  • Rush Limbaugh Settles Drug Fraud Charges
  • Science and Religion, Still Worlds Apart
  • Chiropractic time travel
  • Scientists Call Fish Fossil, 375 Million Years Old, 'Missing Link'
    Article with pictures
  • Testing Darwin's Teachers
  • Key Dead Sea Scroll Makes U.S. Debut
  • Sad Suspicions About Scores in Basketball - Forensic economics detects mutual fund traders backdating their trades and cheating in the NCAA Basketball Tournament.
  • University to Investigate Fusion Study
  • Turning textbooks into the Good Book
  • Indigo children
  • Health concerns limit wireless Internet at Lakehead University
  • Holocaust denier David Irving gets three years - "I made a mistake when I said there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz," Irving told the court before his sentencing. "In no way did I deny the killings of millions of people by the Nazis," testified Irving,
  • Our governor, Rick Perry, on ID - he's for it, but he doesn't plan to ask for a change in the TX curriculum. This is called talking out of both sides of your ass.
  • Letterman 1, O'Reilly 0
  • Cell phones do not cause brain cancer
  • Really free Annual Credit Report (courtesy of Mr. Benson)
  • - opt out of receiving firm offers for credit or insurance (those annoying weekly mail offers: "You're pre-approved!")
  • Americans United for Separation of Church and State
  • Texas Freedom Network - A Mainstream Voice to Counter the Religious Right
  • Texas Citizens for Science - Defending the accuracy and reliability of science education in Texas since 1980
  • Groundhog Day - Punxsutawney Phil, worse than flipping a coin.
  • Do We Use Only 10% of Our Brain?
  • The Quack Page - Professor David Colquhoun's IMPROBABLE SCIENCE page
  • God vs Science (TIME magazine)
  • FDA Will Allow Breast Implants Made of Silicone
  • New Methods Let Scientists Analyze Neanderthal DNA
  • Questions surround methods, credentials of drug screener
  • Why Science Can't Save the GOP - discussion of stem cells and in vitro fertilization
  • "10 Great Snake-Oil Gadgets"
  • Exoneration Using DNA Brings Change in Legal System - New York Times 1 October 2007
  • Clinton Blasts Bush's 'War on Science'
  • Jeffs guilty Verdict: FLDS leader facing up to life in prison - Warren Jeffs is the "prophet" of a Mormon sect that still practices polygamy and marriage of 13-year-old girls.
  • The Weird Russian Mind-Control Research Behind a DHS Contract - see how the Department of Homeland Security is planning to waste your tax money.
  • Scientists do the numbers
  • Texas State Education board opposes intelligent design in curricula
    Even creationists say theory doesn't belong in class with evolution
    Dallas Morning News, 23 August 2007 -- See the results of reader voting
  • Pennsylvania Man Claims He Made Fuel From Salt Water
  • Abstinence-only programs don't lower HIV risk
  • Sleights of Mind
  • Put a Little Science in Your Life - by Brian Greene
  • Lawsuit against new particle collider - just in case it creates a black hole and destroys the Universe!
  • Airborne settles lawsuit for $23.3 million
  • Cue Up the Acne-Fighting, 128-Meg MP3 Player
  • How to make better decisions
  • Infant study casts doubt on vaccine-autism link
  • Drugs Offer No Benefit in Curbing Aggression, Study Finds - worse than placebo!
  • Pseudoscience from Wikipedia
  • Category:Pseudoscience from Wikipedia
  • Astronomy FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Usenet Physics FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Bad Science *
  • Creation Evidence Museum
  • What the #$*! Do They Know? - review from CSICOP
  • What the Bleep Do We Know!? from
  • What the (Bleep) Were They Thinking? from Skeptico
  • The Cruel Saga of Asbestos Disease by Paul Brodeur, the same whack job who claims that power lines cause leukemia. See Voodoo Science by Dr. Robert Park for the facts. See also the Good Science link:
  • Consciousness Research Laboratory
  • Discovery Institute
  • Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies
  • Evelyn Wood Speed Reading
  • Perceptions by Ray Dickenson, featuring such luminaries as Gary Novak and Randell Mills.
  • Moon Landing Hoax - by Bart Sibrel, professional crackpot
  • Natural "Cures" by Kevin Trudeau (quotation marks inserted by us)
    See also Why You Shouldn't Buy Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures" Book from
  • Life Technology
  • Nonsensical "Physics" by DT Froedge
  • Life Force .net Multilevel Marketing (pyramid scheme) for natural products
  • DEI DVD - get free electricity and 100 miles per gallon - BUUUUUULLLLLLLLLSHIIIIIIIT!
  • HeadOn apply directly to the forehead - more like "apply directly to the wallet" - What exactly does this stuff do? Nothing. It's homeopathic B.S.
  • Telephone Telepathy
  • The "Miracle" Tree
  • Steorn - technology that "appears to violate the 'Principle of the Conservation of Energy'" (I quote from the website itself.)
  • Progress in Physics - looks like a real physics journal, smells like bullshit. (Not to be confused with Reports on Progress in Physics which really is a legitimate, respected physics journal.)
  • Null Physics by Terence Witt (T. Witt?, twitt?)
  • The Morgellons Research Foundation "with a medical board that boasts five MDs and an RN. Interestingly, none are dermatologists." (Quote from Commentary by Caroline S. Koblenzer, MD, who *IS* a dermatologist.)
  • The Fair Education Foundation - evolution is wrong and the Earth is the center of the Universe (they're not kidding!)
  • The Geocentric Bible by Gordon Bane
  • Geocentricity - the Association for Biblical Astronomy
  • Galileo Was Wrong!
  • Intelligent Design the Future featuring this The Intelligent Design (ID) proponents call us Darwinists and Evolutionists. Does that mean we can call them IDiots?
  • They call themselves Texans for Better Science Education! but they want to teach Intelligent Design in the science classroom! Read the following to understand why the ID movement LOST their court case in Dover, PA. Kitzmiller et al. vs. Dover Area School District et al. Memorandum Opinion 20 Dec 2005 by Judge John E. Jones III.
    'Scientific and legal arguments alike have demonstrated time and again that ID "theory" not only has no demonstrable scientific basis (i.e., it cannot be falsified by any scientific protocol), but "is an interesting theological argument" and constitutes a religious assertion.' -- Professor Ron Wetherington, SMU Anthropology
  • Educate Yourself - Colloidal Silver | Chemtrails | Aliens | Thousands more!
  • Analysis of Richard Milton's fallacious reasoning. Some good science, some bad science * Good News * Bad News * a.k.a. Infotainment Good Entertainment * - Hone your logic skills with these
    • NPR's Car Talk - listen to Click and Clack diagnose car trouble using inductive reasoning
      • featuring The Puzzler - weekly logic puzzles (be sure to check the archive)
    • Columbo - the TV detective catches murderers through induction
    • Sherlock Holmes - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's detective who, despite claiming to use deduction, actually uses induction
    • The Mensa Workout logic quiz, but don't actually join Mensa until they stop believing in psi phenomena
    • Postmodern Essay Generator - A parody of the postmodern school of academic writing written by Andrew C. Bulhak, using a system for generating random text.

    * In the opinion of the instructors and other rational people.