Digital Multimeter

Digital Multimeter
  1. Function/Range Switch: selects the function (voltmeter, ammeter, or ohmmeter) and the range for the measurement.
  2. COM Input Terminal:Common ground, used in ALL measurements.
  3. Vomega Input Terminal: for voltage or resistance measurements.
  4. 200 mA Input Terminal: for small current measurements.
  5. 10 A Input Terminal: for large current measurements.
  6. Low Battery LCD: appears when the battery needs replacement.

Precautions for Voltage Measurements

Range Actual value Display Comments
1000 VDC 18.75 V 19 Reduce range
200 VDC 18.75 V 18.8 Reduce range
20 VDC 18.75 V 18.75 Correct range
2 VDC 18.75 V 1. Overload - increase range

Precautions for Current Measurements

Precautions for Resistance Measurements

Picture of a meter in parallel with device

Measure voltage and resistance this way:

Picture of a meter in series with device

Measure current this way: