Newton's Second Law Prelab Assignment

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  1. Consider the following Atwood's machine with m2 > m1, and with a massless, frictionless ideal pulley.

    1. What is the acceleration of the mass m2?

    2. What is the tension in the string?

  2. Mass m1 rests on a rough horizontal surface while mass m2 hangs over a massless, frictionless ideal pulley.

    Explain in detail how this setup could be used to determine the coeficient of static friction mus between m1 and the table. (Remember, this is static friction, so what is the acceleration?) That is, explain carefully
    1. what quantities must be measured,

    2. with what instruments quantities are to be measured (only measuring instruments that you have used previously in this course),

    3. what procedures are to be used, in particular how the maximum value of m2 is determined,

    4. and derive an equation for mus in terms of the quantities above.

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